Jan 14, 2009

I hate packing

This is the theme song to Paris, je t'aime. Feist has this song in French too.
Kaeshiuh showed me this one a while back, right when I was contemplating whether to see the movie.


Blue skies are supposed to make me happy but it's not doing very well today. The white paint from the house across is overexposing under the sun; my eyes hurt when I look out.

Hello readers from Aussieland. I'll be there soon :)


Raymond said...

Welcome to Perth in advance :) Will you be able to make it to the Nuffnang meet on the 21st?

cheahwey said...

I won't be there until the 1st of Feb! Aiyah!

Hey, isn't that the building you shot for your night photography assignment?? Oh yeah, it is.