Dec 20, 2008

We need floor chairs in Malaysia

Back in Japan, I had the honour of sitting on a floor chair. Not just any chair, a very special chair *grin*. I'd never seen one until that point.

Now back home, I thought it might be nice to have one in Aussie-land. I looked online for the chair but it was tough since I didn't really know what to call it. "Adjustable recliner", "adjustable lounge chair", "adjustable folding recliner floor chair" and etc. The keyword was "floor chair" and I found it. It doesn't look exactly like the one I sat my ass on but it's similar.


Great for home theater, gaming and general stuff on the floor.

I just wish they had more padding for the cushion and the back. And more curves. Gotta keep looking.


_VeL_ said...

how much is it?
buy one to put at your new room ma. good leh. =)

cheahwey said...

This particular one is abt $34-39...

Anonymous said...

have you find any since then?? I am searching those kind of chairs.. Found one in IKEA but that one for children. got fluffy bear attached on that chair.. haha