Dec 19, 2008

That time of month

A dry spell seems to have been casted over me blog 'ere. I can't for me life think of anythin' to write abou' other than this 'ere dry spell, see?

Then while I was shoppin' with me mummy, I wondered, "What are the little snowflakes in snow globes made of"? A little research 'ere and there shows that them snowflakes are mainly made from tiny plastic pieces. A long long time ago, they were made from bone chips.

And uh, I thought the hot scrawny doctor in season 1 of Prison Break died because she turned all grey and dead and judging by the reaction of the officers that broke in - more like lack of - she was pretty much dead. But as things would turn out, our hot little doc here lived to see another day and gets tortured by Secret Agents. Awesome!
I think I'm ready for Seasons 3 and 4 now. Teehee.

And apparently, in Australia, you can get served on Facebook if traditional means fail.


lesbo said...

tsk tsk.. i cant find my s3 pb.. goodluck! hahaha

cheahwey said...