Dec 11, 2008

I'm laying off the LOLs and LMAOs

Despite my feeble attempts at non-conformity -- thwarted by my refusal to stand out, no less -- I am, once again, taking a step away from the common person.

Usually, I try not to use Emoticons and shortened expressions that much, like :D, :), xD, lol, lmao and etc. Sometimes, I find that these shorthands don't accurately describe how I feel at that moment. If someone tells me a blonde joke and the only thing I could muster was a chuckle, I don't go all "lol!!" on lousy-joke-person, because c'mon, blonde jokes are so old. I might put a *chuckle* there, but sometimes, the jokes not funny enough for me to bring my fingers to punch those letters in. Sure, a "haha" would suffice, but what does a "haha" really mean?? Is it a laugh or is it a chuckle? Or maybe, it's a dry laugh just so to humour lousy-joke-person.

And then there are those people who just put a "haha" after your what's-there-to-haha-about-sentence.

"so I met my ex and his new gf today"

"her cooking sucked real bad"

"i flirted with a hobo"

"i swallowed a kitten"

The word's been used so much that it's becoming insincere. In my book. And trust me, there are a few words that I feel are becoming more and more insincere.
Sure, I use it, that's cause I'm lazy to c.h.u.c.k.l.e. Do you know how many letters are there in that word?! Okay, in your defence, you're lazy too.
Please, I'm multi-faceted.

I'm just saying, if you're conscious and not too engrossed in the unimportant conversation you have going with your BFF, try to cut down on your LOLs and HAHAs. Maybe then, when you read the transcripts, it won't seem so flat and look like every other conversation you have.

I shall reserve my LOLs and LMAOs for situations where they would be used as adjectives.

Maybe, next time, I could do a COL (chuckling out loud) instead of an LOL because your joke deserved nothing higher than a chuckle. I like to be specific.

And OMG Lily Bass had an abortion!


Jenny said...

People do like the easy way of haha and lol to get away with pointless replies.

Huai Bin said...

Haha! <- Your post justifies it
I love your sense of humor, very witty, with a great grasp of the English language.
I'm going to bookmark you just in case I forget.
I'm a copywriter and one of the guys on my team uses the word minion too. :)
I, personally, am guilty of overusing emoticons and "haha". The former shows general good will and the latter is useful during those "I don't have a reply to that" awkward moments.

Lisalicious said...

oh no, there is a lot of "haha" in most of my MSN conversation



Shan said...

Oh never knew u watched GG too

Yes, I am guilty of haha and various emoticons etc., it is an automatic reflex to type haha every now and then... And I don't know why

p/s: haha is meaningless i agree but emoticons are cute wat!

cheahwey said...

That's true too.
And when I let myself ponder some more, it feels as though we've conditioned ourselves to use those as feedbacks, in the name of being polite - 'false' politeness.
But all I do is leave the conversation at that.
Yes, I'm rude that way. *grin*

Huai Bin:
I find that using proper English makes the humour THAT much more effective.

Hey, thanks for bookmarking and come back often! *chuckle!*

Mmm, yes. If the "haha"s are going very well for you, by no means, should you stop on my account. *chuckle-chuckle*

When it first came out, I watched 2 eps and gave up because it was a stupid I-slept-with-your-boyfriend-and-now-we're-sworn-enemies crap. It still is. Except now, I get it all in one go.

Only the ones (gif animations in general) that do funny things... Like a cow playing with its udders. HAHAHAHA. I can so imagine that.

Hey, did you know that hovering your mouse in and out of your display pic makes the GIF animation happen? If not, it'll just be a static picture.

-Littlenicky- said...

i hope its bart bass' kid she killed i want her with rufus....

Chuck Bass said...

Hey Littlenicky
Watch your mouth when you're talking about my father! You know you love me..

How would they know whether the baby is a boy or a girl if Lily did an abortion? unless she did a late abortion.

Serena is her daughter! she never had the abortion! then Dan and Serena gonna have sweet incest love.

cheahwey said...

She wasn't even with Bart when she had the baby. Hope also got to hope with some logic lah.

You should throw in an, "I will destroy you" for dramatic effect.

cube said...

*grin* works for me.

virgomonkey said...

LOL ;-)

Cathy C said...

I find it funny wei..cuz usually i will HAHA when i talk..HAHA again when i am sad..HAHA again when i read your HAHA post..LOL..