Dec 14, 2008

The Facebook Blackout

Have you heard of the FACEBOOK BLACKOUT?

Facebook blackout desc

So what if you stayed off Facebook for a day? What's it going to do?
It may be the first of many to come, but you have to ask yourselves if its cause is still something you believe in, months down the road.

Sure, their new layout wasn't very appealing when they first launched it (the objective was to make the workspace more efficient, that's why they made tabs) but you've gotten used to it by now right?

Face it (pun totally intended), you need Facebook. If you didn't need it, you wouldn't bother joining or creating (this one's for you, Boris) this group or groups similar to it, you wouldn't bother superpoking each other , you wouldn't bother participating in genocides against zombies and elves*, and you definitely wouldn't bother updating your status with stupid messages like "XXX is sleeping", "XXX is eating dinner" and "XXX is playing with a cow's udder".

The Facebook people are going to sit in their comfy (and fancy) chairs and laugh at you! I imagine that their office environment is similar to that of Google.
Then it'll be my turn to snort at you.

For all intents and purposes, I'm not talking to you people who join the group for fun *shudders*.
This one's for you: "Join a better group". Perhaps one that supports the legalization of pot.

Ps. I'm sorry that my joke had to be at the expense of cows. I truly am. Bless the cows and their udders!

*I say this with no knowledge of what Elven Blood is. It's just there to give that sentence the punch it needs. But if you really do kill Elves in the game, then I've got my point across, yeah? Murderer.


Gzhang said...

People who join these groups seem to think that Facebook works for them. I don't recall ever having to pay for the services....and yet these people are being so whiny about the site.

If they don't like the layout, shouldn't they just bugger off?

Oh wait, they actually like FB and they think they own it.



mullygrub said...

I agree with you in that there is no other place for Facebook users to go, and that is why they are protesting about Facebook using Facebook. But if the Facebook team sit back and laugh as you suggest, they really are setting themselves up for a fall. There isn't really an alternative to Facebook now, but the probably will be in the future. Things don't last forever and creating dissatisfaction amongst users is a great way to get them looking elsewhere. Isn't that what happended with Friendster when they started deleting accounts and all that bollocks? They gave MySpace a good foothold by doing something their users weren't happy with. Will Facebook learn from others mistakes?

cheahwey said...

yeah just like you, me and our cameras... *chuckle chuckle*

That was supposed to be my way of dissing the people, but very insightful, your observation.

jassed said...

I'll never understand two things about Facebook users:

1. What's wrong with the "new" layout? Oh come om, we use firefox and IE for ages and nobody gives a damn on changes (or the same old crap).

2. Why bother to send invitations to games/apps that you don't even know what the heck it is? It's irritating, and I think that's why you don't like the new layout, or any new layout. Because you clutter your pages with all kinds of crap and eventually can't find your stuff!