Nov 17, 2008

Santa! You sly dog, you!

So we went to Harajuku today to look for Abbey Dawn because we missed it the last time.

We looked through Laforet Museum, where it was located, from the 5th floor to the never-ending basement levels. Nada. Went across the street, walked here and there, when finally, this shop assistant that we asked told us that it was only there for a month. Mind you, this is the summary.

Turns out, it was a promotional thing. Because it's "ONLY AT KOHLS", it couldn't be there forever, right?

Yeah, just informing the world that it's not effing there anymore. I came all the way to Japan and all.

Abbey Dawn is not in Tokyo anymore. There, I got the keyword in.

By the way, Christmas is coming and I know which is Santa's favourite country!
It's SPAIN. Instead of milk and cookies, they leave out clean shoes and whiskey/cognac for him. Now, that's what I call being practical!

Santa's an adult. What makes you think he wants milk and cookies?! 'sides, he needs the alcohol to calm him what with his tight schedule and all.

Oh yeah, and he needs to lay off the cookies, that fat bastard.


tkc55 said...

Flash Player downloaded, finally...
That's why can read your blog la.

Gzhang said...

Santa? Spain?

Damn random eh.

cheahwey said...

See? That wasn't very difficult.

Lol, yes it is.