Oct 5, 2008

The YES man

Is there nothing more intelligent than "yes" in your vocabulary?
If that forum was run by a point system, I would've thought you were artificially inflating your post count.






5 responses (in one page out of nine) pertaining to NOTHING but agreement.
Is this person really that shallow??

Just cause you were voted by some of the active dwellers as Most Participative, doesn't mean you have to be constantly there... Everywhere.

Why did they even vote for him/her as participative?
Being participative means providing constructive input to the conversation or topic.

Try holding a conversation with this person:

"Wow, the weather's great!"

"lolz, yea 8) 8) 8)"
"yea :D :D :D"
*awkward silence*
"Soooooo, your Mum doing fine?"
"yea, of cos she is 8) 8) 8) 8)"
"lolz, yea :D :D :D :D"
"yup 8) 8) 8) 8)"

Yeah, I can see how he/she would make a great conversationalist.


Shan said...

You are as usual, straight and direct to the point... *ouch*
But then, yeah somehow I think the site's flooded with lots of unwanted spam nowadays, maybe it's a way of communicating heh

p/s: U changed ur msn or what? Message or nudge me when u c me online lah

cheahwey said...

Yeah lah, I'm direct but I soften the blow with humour ma..
So to others, instead of a punch, it becomes a nudge. But to the target, it's still a punch.
Hahahaha. Yeah, I'm mean.

I didn't change it lah. I just lurk. Low threshold for socializing.

Jordan said...

You know, if this is allowed to happen, the admin and mods are those who should take the blame. We can't change the people it attracts, but atlease they can filter their shit appropraitely. Some forums even have those sticky READ BEFORE YOU POST threads highlighting the rules of the forum, among others, NOT SPAMMING by posting a few words kinda reply. Lol.

cheahwey said...

They don't have that sticky post cause I think the whole vibe of the forum is "family" orientated so its like a play pen with limited adult supervision.