Oct 7, 2008

No Tanya Chua makes me sad...

I've used up two blank CD-Rs to burn an MP3 CD but they keep skipping when played with the CD Player.
I found some causes of skipping depended on the specs of your computer, media, software and speed.
I've lowered the speed to 4x, tried Nero 6 & 7, CD Burner XP, Roxio and this is a Vista Home Premium, 2gb, 1.73ghz lappie. I'm using an EMTEC CD.

How do I stop the skipping??


Danny Foo said...

1. Reinstall Nero.
2. Quit all applications (IMs included.)
3. Burn at the slowest speed.
4. Leave the computer alone.
5. Check your burnt CD.

Most of the time something like this happens because the computer doesn't have enough resources channeled to Nero.

And sometimes, players are too sensitive but in this case I think it's Nero.

cheahwey said...

Thanks for the help, I'll give it a try later.

Little Raymond said...

Change the CD. Get Verbatim if you can, they're pretty reliable.

cheahwey said...

I hope it works!
Don't want to waste anymore CDs. They remind me too much of stationeries.

jassed said...

MP3 cd as in mp3 data or conversion to cd audio? encoding problem maybe? My nero and itunes messed with me lately too. I turn to windows media and problem solved.

Kerry said...

Maybe its divine intervention. Someone up loves you too much to want your involvement in piracy. I think!!

Kerry said...

Its divine intervention. Someone up there loves you too much to have you involved in piracy.