Oct 16, 2008

I can now keep 5000 pictures. Yay!

So before heading off to the Land of the Snappy Happy Tourists, The Mum and I went out and bought an 8gb memory card which turned out to be even more of a chore than I thought. Well, if you want to look for a good deal, you have to work for it.

And then we went to 1u and bought beanies and socks which made me realize all my hairstyles suck because Deng looked good in everything she tried on. Biatch.

I think I shouldn't be so afraid of becoming a lil more feminine. Thing is, if someone caught me wearing a skirt, imagine her reaction: so annoying right? But I'm not saying I'm going to wear a skirt. Something else, maybe.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

A feminine top?

cheahwey said...

But first, I have to change my image.
Angsty Tomboy doesn't go with Feminine.

-Littlenicky- said...

hoodie + beanie look good...
and and knee high colourful socks =D JAPAN ROCKS hehe...

oh oh oh... and furry neon coloured boots... wasaiiii

_VeL_ said...

my mom sells 16gb memory card la. =)

u can look feminine without wearing skirt la. maybe next time, u can go shop for ladies sandals or low and straight cut jeans. make you looks tall and slim and you can fit it with any tops.

and because deng has long and curly hair, so basically long hair quite easy to find cloths matches la. u wait for your hair to be longer la then. =D

Cathy C said...

feminine? I am waiting here XD

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Vel: I dont have long and curly hair anymore la!!!

cheahwey said...

Wow, you would feel just at home in Japan. But you don't dress like that also lah.

I don't need 16gb so big lah.
Cool, you can play dress up with Deng on me when we're in Perth.

If only you could make more sense... Fragmented sentence. Wo bu ming bai.

-Littlenicky- said...

how to dress like tht? here to bloody hot... wear long sleeve can kill me liao lor..

I like Fall/Winter fashion actually.. like now, rainy season.. i wear a lot hoodie and sweaters and jackets =D

I love boots... but. not suitable for malaysia lah! UK sells damn a lot nice ones

_VeL_ said...

deng: sorry ar, i kept forgetting that you already cut off your long and curly hair. still bit longer then hwey ma. HAhaHAha

hwey: ya wo, maybe we can play dress up on you. just dun get frus at that time. =D