Sep 26, 2008


I'm going to Genting tomorrow and I'm bringing the camera. Let's say I'm at the outdoor theme park and there's a shot I MUST take, so I need to switch lenses right there. Now, I'm rusty on the condensation part but would the inside of the lens fog up? And correct me if I'm wrong but there's a lot of moisture in the air up there right? That spells "danger" when changing lenses outdoors?


dlt2 said...

It's not the moist air you shld be worrying about. It's the difference of the temperature inside and outside of your bag (assuming if you're carrying the lens in a bag).

It is safe to assume that the temperature inside your bag is always higher than the temperature outside. Bringing out the warmer lens out into the cooler air is sure to fog it especially if your bag is thick or good in retaining heat.

Try airing your bag once in a while to even out the inside n outside temperature. That should help.

Hope this helps.

Jasonmumbles said...

Now, this is a template that I like compared to the previous one.

Yes, apart from doing what dlt2 suggested, another thing is not to turn on your camera once you take it out of the bag. Leave it in the open air for a good few minutes before switching it on.

As for changing lens, not a big problem. Change your lens with the sensor facing down.

cheahwey said...

Ah, yes. Thanks for pointing that out.

Haha. Yeah, the other one was crude. Thanks for the tip.