Sep 22, 2008

I got hired

So the employer finally called and they want me to go for training on Oct 6th. That's two weeks away. Should have ample time to fix my sleeping patterns and clear my face off blemishes and whatnot. Maybe lose a little weight around the love handles too. Some maybe?

Anyhoo, I feel a bit reluctant to accept the job. It took so long for them to confirm us (Nicole and I) that just a while ago, before I got the offer, I was sitting here thinking about how I kind of not want to do this anymore. I can't help but wonder if the negativity from all the people around me (on this job) is making me feel this way. Maybe I should just suck it up and be a man about it. Do it for the money, bitch!

And then now I have to go take some pictures for HR. That's going to cost about Rm12, photocopy some things, then drive to Bukit Jalil and get lost.

All of a sudden, I feel incredibly upset and demotivated. Boo hoo.

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KY said...

Hahahahaha, damn best that C&H

cheahwey said...

love it!