Sep 18, 2008

Child of a packrat

AH HA! I am indeed my father's child! ... And my grampa's, grandchild!

I never gave thought on where my hermitish tendencies came from but at dinner today, I found out. Turns out, it's from my Grampa. Which might I add, my Dad also has. Lazy to go out lah, save money lah. All that, y'know?

Truth be told, I got lots from my Dad and Grampa. Both are pack rats; so am I. Both like stability; so do I. Both like to tinker with things; so do I (except I tend to break stuff more often).


sean said...

yeah im hermitish too..explains why i havent visited aunt peggy.

Gzhang said...

Tsk tsk. Using genes and biology to excuse your introversion!

Should go out more....can take more pictures! Hahahahaha

cheahwey said...

I gotta clean my camera. Took it onto the highway. A lot of dust!