Aug 1, 2008

Wot?! I'm in Malaysia?!

I had a freaky dream.

I was in Uni and was brought into a room full of girls by a friend through a narrow albeit cool L shaped walkway. In the room, I saw some old friends and new friends. They were sitting around, chillin'. One asked another if she could hold her weight with her pinky on a pole while thrusting her hips. Yes, there was a dancing pole in the room.

See see, don't know what happened, I'm in a hall. Then I left. Through that cool L shaped walkway again. I'm in the room (and now that I do think about it, it looks like a hangout room/pole dancing classroom). This time I'm sitting on a couch by the wall and feeling really dizzy. I thought about the booze I had earlier (which really just is from two days ago). Can't be. So I asked (at least I imagined I did), "don't you all feel dizzy or something?".
And BAM! It hit me.


On the way down the stairs, I ran quickly, often leaping off steps... And made sure I had my ID, wallet and phone... *tap on pockets* (it's this thing I do all the time before I go out lah. Made it to my dreams XD).

I made it to the main entrance without the building falling all over me. Insyaallah.
Lo and behold, GUO ZHANG's sitting on the curb outside! I ran to him and slapped him on the arm a few times (like, y'know, one palm after another like a girl *slap slap slap* or how Vel hits people when she's excited.... OMG I HIT LIKE A GIRL). Must be 'cause I wasn't expecting him to be there (in the Uni and in my dreams ah). Then I heard the deafening wails of sirens. I looked toward the noise and there goes some earthquake emergency truck ramming another truck into a parked car on the side of the road. Surprisingly, the whole lot looked like Malaysians. Wait, am I in Malaysia?!

I wake up.

The whole truck ramming into another probably says something about how Malaysia sucks. Oh I guess that's just it. It does!
I cannot explain the whole earthquake shiz though.

Did anybody notice slower speeds yesterday and today?
I can't even sign in to MSN.


Gzhang said...

WHY ON EARTH is Guo Zhang slapped at all?

I mean, my presence in the dream is just for slapping purposes?

Man, that's sad.

Ian said...

You, my friend, just had a premonition of a huge accident at Cheras. And yeah, streamyx is sucking big ass again.

jassed said...

cool dream! Yeah, streamyx was the culprit.

cheahwey said...

I DON'T KNOW!! You just appeared and I was excited to see you... See, you're missed in PJ :)

Ah, sorry to burst your bubble but it was a post-monition. I had the dream in the evening.
Would be cool if I DID have a premonition though... I'd be the only Malaysian known to have seen the accident in my dreams..

Jason O:
The whole hip thrusting shit was just RANDOM.