Aug 20, 2008

Way back in 1999

I found my old stamp collection the other day.
I don't suppose they're old enough to be worth much.

They're so pretty... especially foreign stamps... unlike Malaysian stamps. I'm obviously still bitter over the impediment.

Malaysia Measat StampMalaysia Johor Palace StampMalaysia Hibiscus StampMalaysia Kuala Lumpur LRT StampNew Zealand Seymour Square Gardens StampGreat Britain Flying Scotsman Stamp

Since we're talking about my childhood, allow me to indulge in one more childhood memory, yeah?

Mum goes to the club for Table Tennis every now and then since I was... 11.

Table Tennis

I used to hide under the table but I have no idea, for what. I'm guessing, it's either to sabotage the game or sabotage the game.

Then I was there with Mum and Jon last week to give Sports Photography a go. BAD IDEA. The kit lens obviously isn't fast enough for a game like Table Tennis and because Mum was wearing white, she tended to overexpose in pictures where I used the flash.

In order to make myself feel better (the heat was getting to me), I took a controlled shot which would've turned out very nice if I had made sure the subject was in focus. Damn.

Ping Pong


-Littlenicky- said...

hahaa i collect stickers back then in 1999 hahhaa...

cheahwey said...

We all did, didn't we...

sean said...

i think those stamps were originally mine..but i gave them to you right?>

cheahwey said...

Umm.. yeah. But IT'S MINE NOW.