Aug 15, 2008

This is me talking to myself

While I'm happy about the concerts I'll be attending in August and September, I'm still pretty undecided between Purdue and Indiana Uni-B. They're both appealing in their own ways.

On getting shots of the concerts: I will, obviously, not be able to get decent ones but I will not fret. It's a small issue. Although, I did learn something new today: there are rental services for lenses in the US which is SUPER! As much as I hate travelling (and packing), I can't wait to get to the States!

I find my humour slowly draining away these days. I don't quip anymore. I used to say really funny things... and this entry sounds like me talking to myself.... instead of, you. Gwad, I'm dry.

I bought a tee the other day. There's a Mr. Kelloggs and two kids with a headline that said, "IT'S GONNA BE A GRR-REAT DAY!!" and it's all happy-happy.
I just love the contradiction it makes because I look pissed off all the time.

Anyhoo, if you know of a lens rental service in KL/PJ, let me know, ya?

Goodbye *A boring one, just for you*.

Ps. I downloaded a poker game for my N73 the other day and I haven't been able to put it down!

Pps. You know you've made it *somewhat* when you self-pity and your readers comfort you by saying, "No, you're not crap! You're a beacon of light!" and phrases of sorts.


Lis said...

Is this my cue to call you my "beacon of light"? =P

_VeL_ said...

eh, if you wanna borrow a lens, probably u can go to my parent's shop and talk with my mom.

maybe u have to pay some deposits or what shit, in case the lens spoiled or scratched.

my mom will do you a favor, if you go to her straight. =)

Gzhang said...

If you can rent lenses like that, i wanna rent too!!

PC, can? XD

sean said...

wah...see Pc's parents...siong tai like that

cheahwey said...

I'll let you pick between "glorious beacon of light" and "jewel in the rocks".

Ah, nice... Somehow I feel intimidated. Don't know why.

That's not siong tai lah!

sean said...

exactly my point, a bit intimidating :)

Gzhang said...

Sean: You should be very worried if your sister is going to siong tai with the parents of a girl

cheahwey said...

Where did siong tai even come from?!
It sounded more like illegal drug transactions or something to me...

_VeL_ said...

y u feel intimidated? afraid of my mom? or because i ask u to go to her straight?

scared of spoiling the lens ar?

cheahwey said...

It cannot be explained... it was just a feeling at that moment