Aug 9, 2008

Pain. Period.

I am thoroughly impressed with what one mask can do to my acne-plagued face in just one night. The acne is still there, of course, but my face feels much more smoother. Or maybe its just the residual gel from the mask.

This month's cycle is really taking a toll on me. I feel anti-social, I'm pissed off at everything and my back is killing me. The weather isn't helping and so is my self-esteem *stupid hormones*. I feel so critical of everything and feel the urge to rant about people. You know what? I think there's too many people in this house. 11 people! Constant social encounters. It's too much for me in such a short span of time. All I want to do is sit still and listen to acoustic love songs. Kill me if I'm glued to the computer. It's the only thing taking my mind off the pain and discomfort. No. Correction: it's not taking my mind off the pain.

Actually, I think a bath would be good now.


Jackson said...

may your pain leaves you ASAP

kenwooi said...

it'll be all over soon. =)

-Littlenicky- said...

u sure u have ache??? O_o or just pimple? maybe a big one?

ache means, like bird's face u know... very big and red.. and leaves scar

-Littlenicky- said...

*acne. typo error

_VeL_ said...

wow..we have the same day..

i just woke up from my pain-relief-nap. -.-" still pain thou.


cheahwey said...

jackson & ken:
It's nice to know men are understanding of our pain :)

I've always thought acne and pimple were one and the same.

Ummm... I already feel closer to you.

Anonymous said...

the reason why you felt the pain everytime u're aunty visits you it's because you're body is weak..kaeshiuh here btw

Your mind. said...

Hahahaha its funny they tell you it will be over soon. Like duh.. you know that. Don you take menstrual pills?it reduces the pain like ALOT! Haha but so far i see, only chinese girls get very painful experience la. You don smile enough! Keep saying last time.... SMILE :) laugh! Best medicine.

-Littlenicky- said...

no acne and pimple are NOT the same. acne sometimes, need undergo surgery..

I heard the doctor will dig out all the pus and etc rubbish... then cut some parts of ur ass' skin to cover the scar on ur face

usually u see acne on guy's face..

as for pimple, 3-4 days, maybe 2-3 weeks kao tim using pimple gel.. and sometimes, toothpaste. no need surgery.

-Littlenicky- said...

btw... im having period too hahaa.. 3 ppl in same week..

but i experience no pain this month =D

cheahwey said...

I knew that... but thanks.

My Mind/Lesbo/if not someone else:
I don't take pills if I can help it. Usually it doesn't hurt, most times it's just an unbearable annoying-pain.

Good to know.

_VeL_ said...

yeah! we 3 have the period at the same week. first time.

this time, i didn't take any pills. it was very pain, but i insisted not to take. i cried almost the whole day. damn it.

anyway, it's 2nd day and i still feel a lil annoyed-struggled pain in my stomach. very long hasn't been experience this on 2nd day.

cheahwey said...

I'm hungry.