Aug 4, 2008

I will disgust you this time

After Dark Knight, GZ and the twins chanced upon a baby rat.
It died 3 minutes later.

Baby Rat

I hope Cathy sees this.
Baby Rat 2

Okay, I doubt this is disgusting. More like... sad.

Ps. Mac and Cheese... sucked. The cheese tasted bitter. Don't buy it! I forgot the brand name but I got this from Tesco.

Mac & Cheese with loads of Basil


Zee bo Bee said...

Ola Nuffnanger,

the baby rat was sad. My heart sort of went out to it. Looks a LOT like when my mouse had babies! Except with mine they were a LOT smaller.

Still, I wonder what ONE baby was doing so far and alone from its mother. They can't maintain their body temperature by themselves I am told. That's why they die.

cheahwey said...

The baby was in the oddest of places! Right smack in the open where people come and go.

It almost seems like the Mum dropped the baby while moving house or some shit.

Couture Oven said...

where u found the rat? O_o GZ picked it up???

macaroni n cheese is nice lah.. maybe tht brand sucks onlyyy

cheahwey said...


That's why I said I forgot the brand name but bought it from Tesco lah~

Cathy C said...

eewww...i wanna puked..

cheahwey said...

Glad to know.

Cathy C said...

but then damn cham tiny la

cheahwey said...

Yes it was