Aug 13, 2008

I'm still here

It's confirmed, folks! You'll have to live with me for another year before I leave on a jet plane to Ah-Meh-Lei-Ka. And you know what? I'll be legal when I get there! W00T! (That means, booze during unbearably cold temperatures, don't worry).

Well, at least I don't get dumped in classes, cliques and climate in the middle of the school year which makes socializing and acclimating ever harder.

This ALSO means, I get to go to Perth on Feb 1st! I'll ALSO get to send Vel off until Curtin's gates (or some shit)! Wah, 送人送到尽啊 [send people off, send until the end ah]!

But all this extra time is making me wonder if Indiana is right. I've been asking Deng to give me some input but nothing from her so far.

Until then, will a kind Samaritan lend me his/her 18-200mm (or longer focal length) lens compatible with a D40 for a concert in August?


Jasonmumbles said...

With the 18-200mm, at 200mm and F5.6 coupled with a D40, I doubt you can do much.

You probably need one with F2.8 to get good, sharp and non blur picture.

Anything longer than 200mm, people are not going to borrow you because they are going to cost more than just few thousands.

300mm Canon = RM35,000. That day I saw in Canon Concept store. :P

jassed said...

sorry dude, 200 doesn't work that well except you can get to somewhere near front row (thats where pros are anyways). Tested that in bukit jalil last weekend. Add in the lighting conditions and its awful! So forget it, and enjoy the concert:)

BTW, Indiana should be nice. Don't worry, I don't see my friends in US of A complaining anyways. Maybe because they are all in west coast:)

sean said...

so when are u officially going to US

cheahwey said...

Jason & Jason:
I need a pack of fluffy puppies right now :(
Thanks though.

Next Fall?? Don't know what date yet though.

sean said...

so deferment is free..

_VeL_ said...

good la. atleast, i won't be in the same plane with your parents only.

at least, my 'friends' are with me to go to a totally stranger place with me.

cheahwey said...

Deferment for one semester is free.

cheahwey said...

Why'd you put quote marks on friends?!

_VeL_ said...

i don't know. probably that makes you both special.

'friends'! -.-