Aug 6, 2008

How to take concert photos?

Come September 26th, I'll be going to Genting for a concert.

Let's just say, I'll be seating in this area.


Let's just say, one way or another, I would have gotten/borrowed/stole a zoom lens compatible with the D40.

Let's just say, I don't know which lens would be sufficient and compatible to get/borrow/steal.

Let's just say, there'll be flashing lights and dark instances which would make shooting a bit more challenging.

What do I do?

Bump up the ISO, increased aperture size, decrease exposure comp (it's decrease right?).... what else can I do?


Flasher said...

Get a bright tele lense, F2.0 and below. External flash is useless if you're too far from the stage, you will most probably brighten the nearest person/thing. Bump up your ISO till the highest that you are comfortable with the noise level. Have steady hands and shoot in RAW

Raymond Chan said...

The longer the better (focal length).
The bigger the better (aperture).
The higher the better (ISO 1600 would be alright).

Have fun! :) Go google for more info. Try shorter shutter speed too, more of the coloured lights will be seen.

If can bring tripod, even better, but I doubt it :P

cheahwey said...

Okay, got the basics. Now I need a lens.

jassed said...

You need a huge aperture tele for at least 135-250mm range. Then you must come out with a way to fool the overzealous security, then bump up your iso to the highest, and shoot in burst mode. Obviously you're gonna waste a lot of exposures, so a beefy sd card is recommended:)