Aug 6, 2008

Get off your fat arse, today!

Sitting on my arse for so many months now, I should probably start exercising and lose weight (the weight, I'm not so worried, more like, fat). My love handles are a pain to touch. All this makes the prospect of hiking with the family this weekend (at FRIM!) that much more interesting.

Of course, the parents have assured me that the leeches aren't going to suck my body dry, allowing me to take tons of photos. Oh and Grampa's going hiking too!

The only downside to all of this is waking up at 7am and that disgusting feeling of sweat (and unruly hair).

Wokay, looks like the pros outweighed the con.

Eyes on the prize!

In other news, I feel like a complete slob. No surprise there...
In the month or two since I've moved into my parents' room, I (ah) do (doo) declare (dee.kley.r), that I've contributed much to the redecoration of the place. A stack of crap here, a bunch in the closet, MORE crap on the clothes stand. I don't even remember how sleeping in my room feels like anymore.

Yesterday, I found myself in a constant almost-drooling state. Didn't help that I burned my tongue and it didn't start to heal properly until today. I felt like I was pronouncing like I had a dead tongue which only occurred for a few words.

I think I will go cycle today!

Ps. I'm sorry, I need to get out more. Staying at home is making me a bit cuckoo.

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