Aug 16, 2008

Baby E stole WCGs thunder

I just came home from the WCG in Mid Valley and OMG, was it fun! Not. So. But. Yeah.

I had second thoughts the whole day because I didn't want to get stuck on the Federal Highway to go to Mid Valley on a weekend. But after I don't know what, I decided to go at 3.30pm. After a quick shower and dropping Deng off at work, I reached there at 4.20pm. See see, the winner was announced. Snap. Didn't win. Congratulations, Timothy Tiah.

Anyhoo, the WCG wasn't important anymore for I got a good look at Baby Esther and a good workout just carrying her.
Comel-nyer baby tu! She got so comfortable she fell asleep in my arms... le sigh.
But no, it didn't make me want to have a baby or some shizz. More like, she melted my heart for being a baby. And... and... and.... I was the first one in the gang to meet Baby Esther in person. Go, ME!


Her parents are so cute together lah. Next time you all buy presents for Baby Esther must buy some for Mother too... Mummy very susah wan you know.


sleepycarrot said...

Hehe thank you, we're flattered.

Eh what's your e-mail d? Wanna send you the pic of you carrying baby Esther. :)

cheahwey said...