Aug 29, 2008

Avril is just the cutest little thing

The moment she came out, I just thought she looked like a little blonde doll who jumped to Pop-Rock. At one point, she was so cute controlling screams from the crowd. Such a tease :)

Time and time again, I tell myself that if I can help it, I won't go where everyone's going. The crowd goes left, I go right. But for Avril, I had to at least see her live, once. Brave the disgusting crowd, cheahwey! By the 15th minute standing in such close proximity to a stranger, I already felt like I knew them intimately.

Listening to thousands of fans sing her song with a Chinese accent was just.. "ummm, wtf?" I know, I know. I have an accent too but really... Egads. It was like, 'Ah-vail, Ah-vail!' 'He woss a s-cater*(silent "r") boi' and then there's the case of singing off key. Shudders.

Then some of the things I wanted to say but didn't cause there would be no point when you're packed in a pool of odorous people: "Stop shoving your glow stick at my ass cheek!" and "Thank you for pleasuring me but can you stop rubbing your chest on my back?".

The interludes were awesome... Avril's drum playing was cool. Too bad she didn't cover Joan Jett's, "Bad Reputation". It's a great song. Hearing her rap in "Girlfriend (Remixed)" was cool too albeit short.

The only attempt for a video:

"Hello everybody..."
"How you all doin' out there?!"
"I'm very happy to be in Kuala Lumpur tonight!"
"Thank you so much for having me, are you ready to have a good time??!!"


Falcon said...

so lucky!!! jealous...i was stuck at home all night long...

cheahwey said...

It's great to see her live but the waiting all day long was real bad.

Najmi said...

wah, nice. I wish I lived in KL :(

sean said...

cool shit

Kerry said...

So you finally got to see her, huh? You are very cheong cheng man. You've loved her for yeeeeears, I still remember the pouting lips (not to be mistaken for sex appeal) when your mom changed her mind about HK.

Good for you, Hwey!

Kerry said...

BTW, Happy birthday to you. Send my wishes to Teng as well. Love you guys.

Josette said...

Hi, I found your blog on PPS. Oh, I really wanted to go to Avril's concert too! If she comes to Penang, then I'll make the effort to go!

That conversation between Avril and fans is funny. A meaningless conversation but with lots of enthusiasm. :)

_VeL_ said...

the AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH part is funny when it's out from you. lol

can't see her face la. but can see she is really small in size. =D

cheahwey said...

It's a question of "Should I travel down to KL for this?". Lol.

How much, roughly, are concert tickets there ah?

Thank you! Lub you too!
Ah, I forgot about the HK thing... But I can imagine the feeling!

Yes it was fuuuunnnnnie.

I didnt AAAAAHHH lor. I'm an observer! That's why I was laughing at the fact that the only response they could do was AAAAAHHHH.... Heh.