Jul 6, 2008

The Unsung Heroes of Damansara Jaya

There I was, sitting on the hard as rock floor that hurt my ass, straining my eyes staring at the blinding True Life screen and suddenly, I heard a VROOM...VROOM!

I looked outside to find my aunt's car in a ditch. *GASPS*!!
Instinctively, I grabbed my phone and ran outside... Smart leh.

Without further ado, I present you, the removal process of an elephant of a vehicle.

The doggie very randomly barked like a ferocious little ball of fluff at the DJROA Patrol Dude. *James Earl Jones* No one knew why *end James Earl Jones*.


Deng said...

You should be a journalist lo. Freelance or something. Or just report anything you want then send in your story. But then they'll probably use somebody else's name and credit you as a what-you-call-that.. I forgot what it's called.

cheahwey said...

What made you connect Journalism and me??

jassed said...

Now that's 250,000 years of human evolution (vehicles and cameraman included)!

sean said...

lol..u know very smart idea of filling up ground for the tires..impressed with the genius

also, since when toyota's use front wheel drive?!!!
i tot all thise while was back wheel drive...

and did i just see ah gong try to lift the car too?

sean said...

eh hwey, goh goh very proud of you o...

sean said...

haha..uncle M's comment as the ending was damn good.

who was the guy with a backpack and wearing specs.

who was the guy with white hair..uncle T ah? he was lifting the car from the front one..

whos car was that.

didnt see Elis wan?

what was the name of the song...how did u know of such song

sean said...

crap im spamming

wonder why the wood as the base didnt snap with the bricks and tyre on it

_VeL_ said...

wahliao eh..very long haven seen a car got into this situation.

Jonathan doesn't seems strong huh? lol.

so many ppl also can't lift the car up ar? so heavy meh har?

the happy faces when it finally went up. haha

cheahwey said...

Jason O:
Insightful observation! Haha...

Dumb drunk spammer.
It's aunt K's (good luck guessing which aunt) Hyundai. She told me not to post pics of her and her number plate online...

Lis was around.. she appeared at the back wert..

The song is from Enchanted... Amy Adams - Happy Working Song

I wondered why the wood didn't snap too.. But it was quite a thick wood.

It was not grandpa, the guy with white hair up front is our neighbour.

Jon is lean lah... Don't see him ngan jit jit, he's quite fit lor.

The car IS heavy, that's why I said, "an elephant of a vehicle".