Jul 27, 2008

Photog Assignment: Sparklers!

I bought some sparklers *coughminifireworksparklercough* *coughillegalithinkcough* the other day and I think I'll take some photos of it tonight.
Since it's going to be night photography, Logic tells me I should probably take a few test shots so I can set exposure and all that shiz.

But of course, there has to be an obstacle. Or it won't be a challenge!

But never mind that.

Thing is, should I be worried about outdoor lighting? Or will the light from the sparkler be good enough? Kinda like shooting a star in the sky, when you think about it.

If I chose Center Weighted/Spot Metering and had the focus area right smack on the sparks, it'll be bright enough for the camera to achieve a faster shutter speed right?

What if I used Rear Curtain Flash Sync? It would probably look weird hor...

By the way, anybody who's seen Get Smart should watch Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (minute 49 - 50). That's like the best part of the whole movie lah, I think... Anne Hathaway, woot!

Anyhoo, I'll post pictures of zee sparklers when I'm done. Also, we have a tub of Tom Yam paste and a little jar of Basil at home and I'm SUPER EXCITED. Expect a post on one of my kitchen escapades soon. Think: Tom Yam Fried Rice (Ray's recipe) and Macaroni with tons of basil and mixed veggies.


jassed said...

actually, its more like snapping fireworks. Slow shutter speed, small apertures, manual focus, manual exposure. And less ambient lights too, or its gonna destroy the whole thing.

cheahwey said...

huh... I'll keep that in mind. But why does focus have to be manual?

cheahwey said...

Okay, forget I asked that.. XD

Raymond Chan said...

I can't believe anyone would actually cook the fried rice using my recipe. I'm flattered. Hope you won't get stomach ache :P

cheahwey said...

Your recipe is safe okay!
At least you don't throw in a bunch of questionable food stuff lah.