Jul 17, 2008

My feet must taste incredibly good

I went to Kenko's (Mid Valley) on Wednesday. Rm38 for a 30 minute 100-fish-nibbling-at-your-feet session is good enough for, at least, once a month.

The moment I stuck my foot in, all them fishes just went haywire, swarming, like they haven't been fed... while beside me, Nicole just kept on squealing, attracting stares and inducing laughter all around :)

Fish Spa Mid Sized Fishes
Nasty little buggers. *click for larger pic*

Fish Spa Baby Fishes
If you were standing by the display, you'd have seen my insanely cyan feet.

Fish Spa Giant Fishes
These are the fishies for boys. About 4 inches long or I must've been dreaming.

My feet are much smoother now and I'm glad I don't have to scrub dead skin off myself.
Machiam automatic aje.

Good to know: If you have a scab, keep above water and don't stick your hands in. You don't want to kill the fishes, do you?


jassed said...

Sheesh, the big ones are scary...

sean said...

good to know: dont go if your leg stinks.

cheahwey said...

I was afraid that if I put my foot in the men's tub, the fishes would bite a chunk of my flesh off.

Like yours huh?

_VeL_ said...

ya wo. the big ones so scary la. macam will bite off my legs la. =S

gyus must fed their feet to these big fishes ar? lol

sean said...

aiyah no common sense at all...

why would u need a big fish to eat off the littlelest bit of dead skin...dont make sense right..

its obviously for...

and thats why its a men's pool...noobs!!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

If you stick your finger in, it'll kill the fish meh ha?

-Littlenicky- said...

yes. cause hands dirty ma.. got germs and virus and etc? Lol..

the fishes are damn costly. lesbyman said few hundred bucks each. LOL

cheahwey said...

I have no idea what you're talking about man..

Because if the fishes bite of a chunk of the girls legs, Kenko doesn't want to bear responsibility so they let loose the big fishies with the boys.