Jul 26, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

I watched my brother play Counter Strike for ONE YEAR before I started playing. You can say I've become a little more knowledgeable from those silently-sitting-behind-my-brother-watching-him-play-CS days.

Even so, I still suck when playing with "expert" bots. (In the true spirit of Malaysian students... and probably students everywhere) "My teacher sucked lah".

I decided that I should just stick to "hard" bots
*sounded very naughty didn't it? teehee*.

But in all seriousness, I'm a pretty good shot. My brother said so... SO IT MUST BE TRUE! HaHaahAhAHAHaHaHaa

My favourite gun is the M16 Rifle, not as strong as the AK-47, but yeah, it differs with each map.

It's like... I'll be on a roll, shooting them pixels dead and suddenly I get hit in the head. Sometimes I freeze the bots, walk up to the bot that killed me and scream, "EAT LEAD!!", subsequently shooting him in the head.

Of course, the screaming happens in my head. Don't want to scare my parents or anythin'. Besides, I think my parents think I'm not girly enough. Sometimes hor, my dad will come and see what I'm doing and sees me playing CS. Then he'll ask, "Ey, how come you're playing this ah", and I'll acknowledge, "Mmmm...". And he'll ask my mum this, "Mummy, how come the girl like to play these games wan ah"... O_O
I'm worried about him worrying about me.

*Kids, please do not try this at all. I don't want to be responsible for instilling violent images in your head... not that I can stop you...*

This is me... blowing brains. Smooth moves eh? *wink wink*

I tried the mini online game from Samsung's World Cyber Game microsite. It's a first shooter game which I guess you can overlook when compared to the real deal... Counter Strike ah.

But see here, you probably don't want to overlook that either. Why?
Because you can win goodies for scoring and kicking other people's butts!

Let me check the prizes ah...

Okay, okay... These are the prizes that you're going to win... if you can lah:
1st prize - Mobile Phone i550
2nd prize - Digital Still Camera i8
3rd prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-P2 (2GB)
4th prize - Bluetooth MP3 Player YP-T10 (2GB)
5th prize - MP3 Player YP-U3 (2GB)

So how? If you're not good enough for the WCGs, play the game on Samsung's World Cyber Game microsite and win a mobile!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I have a strong feeling that you'll win with this entry.

jassed said...

i'm usually bad with close quarters. I'd go beserk with a shotgun and usually bring one or two down with me. hehe

cheahwey said...

Just cause I mentioned Dad and you found it funny doesn't mean I'll win leh.

Jason O:
Hahaha, that's the exact same emotion I get when using a shotgun. GO CRAZY! and bring one or two down with you :D

sean said...

anonymous was me.

Anonymous said...

your video clip was sick! haha..
i notice u like to stay behind the front though...like me!

_VeL_ said...

yorr..u still playing CS ar? and you watched behind your bro and u can play dy? shit la. i cannot la.

very very the sucks! hahahaha

ya la. u not girly enough. it's normal that ur dad is worrying about u. lol

cheahwey said...

That's cause i know im a better shot than the bots.. so I let them run out into the open first and see if shots are fired. FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

Of course, CS is fun! And yes, I am THAT good.

lesbo said...

when gonna play with meee

cheahwey said...

Oh right... when the time comes!