Jul 8, 2008

Lonely Little Lou-Poh

Look, Sean... It's your ex-wife!

Lonely Little Lou-Poh


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

And there's a creepy fella staring at her.

Raymond Chan said...

You've got your D40 already? Noticed that it was taken with it :)

sean said...

ooi, shes still my wife. u all dont mess around with her insides, because as soon as im back im going to reclaim her!!

-Littlenicky- said...

HAHHAHAHAAA... put a lot a lot of purple stuff inside.. see what can do he later hahahahhaaa....

_VeL_ said...

aiyo, u just wanna show off ur D40 is it? let everyone knows how nice will the picture be if it's taken by D40. HahaHahahaha

cheahwey said...

I don't see no creepy fella.

Raymond, you smart smart boy! :D

Here you're all "I love my wife" but last year you HIT her and you're pretending nothing happened?! HOW COULD YOU?!

Don't want to advertise that its drivers are girls lah. Cari mati meh..

You're, you're just not helping. And next time when you write about what movies you've seen (during opening week), don't mention the plot, for Jebus' sake.

sean said...

i see a "guy" staring at her from the back though

cheahwey said...

Smelly Siblings:
How come you guys are seeing things that I don't see?