Jul 2, 2008

Food perversion

Lunch from this afternoon at Ikea's Cafe & Restaurant:

Salmon & Chivas Sauce

The following is Nicole's idea of photographing food.

Swedish Meatballs


_VeL_ said...

yerr~ the second picture looks horrible. no wonder she called me this afternoon la.

what is my bra size to do with the yucky food there?

Zee bo Bee said...

Ola Nuffnanger! I agree with _vel_ that the second pic is just NASTY!!!!

Still, I don't quite get what bodypart picture number one resembles? A tongue? A thigh?

Yap Chee Hong said...

I'll SPEAK...."minion " !

XDx57 ...kudos to NO "food perversion " . and tell Cyren that the first pic is just a normal pic :P

sean said...

first picture has 3 items ..or 4

a fat ass dick.
2 testicles and
a bush

cheahwey said...

Your bra size has nothing to do with the food lah. So was it A or B? HaAhahahaha..

Well, I wasn't thinking of Pic 1 as part of a reproductive organ but now that you've mentioned, it could very well be a slightly malformed (rectangular instead of cylindrical) penis. Side-grown pubes, maybe (for all we know, it could be fungus). Perfectly rounded testicles though. Mm hmm.

Chee Hong:
I would've if he hadn't ask what body part was in Pic 1 :)

And yes. People, stop looking at my pictures like they're not something you already have.

Such big eyes you've got there, Gramma.

_VeL_ said...

OMG. i didn't expect Sean could SEE so many things from 1st picture lo. it's just an ordinary food wei. what's it?

looks like sushi la and delicious. haha

yorr..u all ar..great imagination!

oh, forgot one thing. NICOLE, you are so yucky! make the food became like that.

cheahwey said...

It's Salmon and no, it wasn't delicious because the fish was a bit dry.

Only here, will you find boobs staring back at you.

sean said...


soooo fake....

-Littlenicky- said...

what yucks? many great arts look something like this also wert

cheahwey said...

Like that also can...