Jul 24, 2008

Duty Free is King Parts 2 & 3

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I've tried this idea of parts and decided to ditch it. It annoys me... and probably you too.

So this was our hotel...

Tioman Cabanas
Cabanas by the beach.

Tioman Berjaya
Somewhere near the lobby in the humongous land of the Berjaya chalets.

Sleepy Kitty
This little kitty won our hearts.

Yesterday night I went for my first evarr photoshoot... at night! Got The Cousin to come along. We came across a cat who roams the Berjaya grounds with a bunch of other felines. The Cousins started to pet him and he got so comfortable with them, he clambered onto The Cousin's lap and fell asleep to the gentle and consistent strokes on his back.

Shy Shy
Shy shy...

However, I got tainted by the thought of a broken and bloody corpse when I petted the kitty. The one that Deng reversed over.

Chicken Prints
Did the chicken cross the road ah?

We came across chicken claw prints in cement and thought, the question isn't why the chicken crossed the road, but rather, it is a question of whether the chicken made it across.

Because of my innate stinginess I didn't do water activities this time around. Wasn't willing to pay 20/pax for a 2 seater kayak for, get this, 1 hour only. Besides, I forgot my swimwear.

Almost everything here is rented out on an hourly basis. Internet, 15/hour; bicycle, 15/hour; Mahjong, 10/hour. So I spent time lazing in the room keeping from getting tanned, taking pictures, watching Rachael Ray and dreaming about going to the US (things are so cheap I don't know why we haven't moved there yet).

Wave with Character
I was told this wave had character.

Tree Roots

Purple Flowers

Tioman Sunset
Sunset from Day 2. The clouds totally ruined the sunset for all 3 days that we were there.

Tioman Sunset Surreal
Sunset from Day 2. Shot with flash.

Tioman Sunset 2
Sunset from Day 3.

Shot from a bridge just outside the resort entrance.

Yellow Flowers
Umm... flowers again.

Tioman Surreal
Zer beach.

Coconut Tree Surreal
I think this is the coconut tree featured in one of the postcards they're selling.

That's the whole trip :)



Raymond Chan said...

Great job with the shots. I noticed that you were using Spot metering for a few of your shots, if not all. Might consider using Centre/Matrix instead. Good use of photoshop too, although not my cup of tea :P

Eh when are you going to change your template? I reckon it'll look much better if the images are bigger.

Kerry said...

No pictures of the rooms for my benefit? And I think you're right about the coconut tree, only diff is your shot was better!! It has character (could be a biasd opinion, tho, I'm a sucker for all things relative, esp the blood type). That was one pun too many?

cheahwey said...

Doh! *palmface*
I totally forgot about changing the metering when taking photos at night! No wonder they turned out bad.

Yeah, the main content bar isn't as wide as I'd like it to be. I'll see what I can do about it lah.

Actually, I was thinking of getting a domain. Apparently I can do it through Google/Blogger for USD 10/yr with private domain registration..

Your TKC said it had character lah. But I still don't see it.

Photos of room and lobby added to my FB album

-Littlenicky- said...

wah so pro lol

_VeL_ said...

cannot understand ar..lol

anyway, did u have fun? i just wanna know happy things. those metering, lens or shots, i dunno la. hahahahaha

cheahwey said...

You want more pretty pictures to look at or not? Sponsor my lens lah... 50%. Only Rm1.2k :D

I found out that Vision Four has a great selection of movies this month. That was greaet.

Tooks pictures. That was great.

Had the best roti canai ever. That was great.

Saw my Mum in a swimsuit. That was great.

-Littlenicky- said...

sponsor you? 1.2k? crazy.. i rather buy a maltese with taht money HAHHAHAAA... sponsor RM1.20 can lah haha or 12 bucks also ok

cheahwey said...

Buying a Maltese incurs more expenses than a lens... the lens would obviously be a better investment. Reconsider ah.

Gzhang said...

Wow, you have really gotten the hang of taking pictures with the DSLR!

Better than me. Lack of practise and *knocks on wood* skill. Ah well, great pics!