Jul 23, 2008

Duty Free is King Part 1

Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport, Subang Jaya
I left for Tioman on Sunday at 6.30am. That's too damn early.

Berjaya Air Focker
It feels tiny for a 48-seater.

Ferrero Rocher 30s
And so we reach the land of cheap booze and duty free products.
Bailey's going for 45myr. A can of beer for 2.50myr. This is even better than peanut butter and chocolate combined!

Macbeth Cigarillos
Smelled good but didn't taste good.

One thing I've tried on this trip, one thing I can say I've done, and one thing I can cross off my list of things-to-do is Little Cigars. Chocolate flavoured, Little Cigars, that is.

It was awkwardly exciting at first but it eventually died down when I got the hang of it. The butt was delightfully sweet but the smoke was somewhat bitter. At one point, the smoke got in my eye (which stung like a bitch). Heck, I don't even know if I puffed it correctly. At least I won't be forever curious about smoking lah. Love the smell of a fresh stick though.

Part 2.. after messages from our sponsors :)



kerry said...

Hwey ar, either the camera was good, or the resort was. Great shots!

cheahwey said...

Why you don't say the photographer was good leh... teehee.

Thanks :D

geeky said...

Ferrero rocher! i wan! hehe. How's Tioman trip? No pics of the scenery?

cheahwey said...

That'll come in part 2 or 3..