Jul 27, 2008

[DONE] Photog Assignment: Sparklers!

So... I took my pictures, had the sparks fall on my hand (which felt prickly), imported the pictures and I think I sucked at that one. They all looked so boring.


You can see sequence shots from here:

It's C & F!!
This is me, signing off.


Robin said...

nice shot!

cheahwey said...

umm... oookay... thanks :)

Raymond Chan said...


If you haven't read it already. Enjoy.

jassed said...

yup, nicely done. it has to be manual because AF hunts in low light, and that wastes time:)

sean said...

hey..im a photog dummy...

but something tells me that u had to sign your CF using the camera.

waving it in a CF fashion and that the shutter speed was so slow u had time to catch the whole lights of the signature

-Littlenicky- said...

first one look like... erm... a sun... exploding. O-o

cheahwey said...

Thanks, it looks fun!!

Jason O:
Okay, good to know I didn't suck so bad :)

I used the sparkler to sign it lah.. Move camera for what?

At least we know, when the Sun explodes, it will look beautiful. - -

Gzhang said...


I miss my DSLR! Bugger, you're getting so good so fast

_VeL_ said...

erm..looks ok la. nicely done!

u have moved to the next level then. lol

lesbo said...

omg camera geeks.. hahhahaha

cheahwey said...

As long as you keep your personal belongings in a safe place/lock it up, you're doing something to prevent theft, which is good enough!

Yor, why lah say until so meen keung... I need your honest opinion leh.
Ey, today's Monday leh. How was your first class?

Ey, just cause you don't play with DSLRs doesn't mean it's not cool/fun/dA BoMB okay... Hahahaha

Gzhang said...

Yeah Lesbo, photography is cool okay. it's art! Of light!

Can you say you make art with light? Nyahahahahaha

cheahwey said...

But really, the camera geek thing didn't occur to me until you mentioned it.. So funny XD

Ooooo... that's a cool way to put it!

_VeL_ said...

so many people concern about my first class huh? lol

it was bored, btw. i fell asleep. maybe didn't have enough sleep on the night before. hahahahaha