Jul 14, 2008

Community Project #2: Cuter Than Yours!

Jeng jeng jeeeeng!

After the bombed failure of the first project, I'm back with what should be a fun project for everyone.

Should "Cuter Than Yours" be a success, we'll make it part of our regular programming, okay?

This week, we're looking for CUTEST BEANIE BABY ALIVE!
Not your vegetable, table or toe, but Beanie Baby. Boy and Girl beanies are welcomed. Well, mostly because it's hard to distinguish boy from girl eh?
The CUTEST BEANIE BABY ALIVE will be voted by our readers after the submission deadline.

Piggly Wiggly 2

Quick, rummage through your collection and upload the cutest photo of your beanie baby!

1. Dig dig dig!
2. Upload to Image Shack.
3. Post URL in comment box.
4. Smoke a weed :)

Prize: OOHs and AAHs for all!

Deadline: Friday, 18th July 2008.

Ps. Boy, would this be really embarrassing if no one submitted anything *teehee*


Baby said...

what is beanie baby?

cheahwey said...

Not you ah.. HHaHaa :D
It's basically a stuffed toy like the above picture. Beanie Baby is actually a brand name but more often than not used as a noun like Google is to googling.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Eh, all our beanie babies like missing already la. I want all of them back la. I want to keep wan. Where is it!? Especially my red bear. It was weird.

cheahwey said...

You had a red bear??

sean said...

hwey u had the red bear, teing had a blue identical bear.

Deng said...

Sean: Not that bear la! That's not a beanie baby. And that identical bear was black.

Hwey: Yes, I had a red bear. From our Sing-ah-poh uncle.

sean said...

oh i rmb now..its a TY bear

cheahwey said...


_VeL_ said...

my guess is u are seriously too bored at home. hahahahaha

what if really no one submit anything huh? really 'mou min' ar..lol



cheahwey said...

Ahh.. fuck this shit. I'll wait till Friday and work from there.