Jun 4, 2008

What does all this hoohaa mean to me

Will I have to alter my lifestyle for this shit? Yes, I think I have to.
  • Roadtrip later this month is DUNZO.
  • No more McD meals, ever. In fact, no more eating out. Aww, no more Chilli's...
  • The possibility of living a life of hermitry. "Work from home" is now more appealing than ever.
  • Use candles for light at night.
  • Forget about my DSLR.
  • No more yummy foodstuff. Gotta hold back on Post cereals, cheese and other non-essential items. Eat more veggies!
  • Dress as cheap as possible.
  • Be absolutely cheapo. Those who owe me money, kindly pay your debts or I'll come knocking.
  • Oh man, do I have to take public transportation from now onwards? Will public transportation still be considered cheap?
  • Nobody wants the Peugeot anymore :(
  • I look forward to the possibility of less congested roads every morning. Carpool, bitches!

Hermits Rule
Why can't people just fly?

Ps. I just saw Kahar in a New Straits Times tv ad..


jassed said...

Surely, all things other than our incomes will rise. And no, being kiasu Blurlasians, we'd still drive. Thats how the garblement dares to increase prices. Because they live a million light years away from us in planet Boleh Naik and we are down here in Blurland.

-Littlenicky- said...

hahaaha i saw him too lol.

im staying home. maybe gonna work lor.

dad say next month onwards watch tv for no more than 2 hrs a day, play comp for less 2 hrs... on fan unless it's as hot as sahara, on air con when it's as hot as hell


_VeL_ said...

aiyo..die lor..will my dad ask me to take bus to coll? or he will be my driver? damn garblement!

dun say till ur life is so pathetic lar. it won't be too bad. still can survice wan.

cheahwey said...

Haha, I find the word "garble-ment" cute and totally apt..

Your dad is freaking out or something.. haha

Those are just some things that may or may not happen because of the increment. With and without the exaggerations.

Gzhang said...

You're not getting the DSLR??!!! Why, woman, why???