Jul 1, 2008

Shit Man. Shit, man! Shit! Man...

I went to my aunt's house in Cheras last Sunday and learned, oh, I don't know, 7 card games in one night? My cousin's girlfriend taught us a Danish card game when loosely translated is called, "Shit Man". And we're still not quite sure where the punctuations go. It's almost next to impossible for me to explain it in words.

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And then there's yesterday night where the same aunt and six more people decided to launch a surprise attack on my Mum by showing up at our house unexpectedly. It was fun though. They squeezed in "Shit Man", the piano, carrom and a teeny tiny karaoke session all in an hour.

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You know, all these years, I never always thought that my Dad was funny. Only once in a while when he tells his jokes. Then yesterday night, I decided he's not just funny when he tells jokes, he can be funny playing "Taboo" as well. We played the game yesterday night after dinner and he was all for staring at the card in silence. Most of the time. Or answering "on behalf of" our opponents. It's frustratingly funny.

I'm reading Cyanide and Happiness. Go read it. It's hilarious.

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