Jun 20, 2008

Plain text just doesn't cut it anymore

The gang was in Mid Valley today for a lunch and movie date. We settled for Italiannies (The Gardens) because we had such a great meal the last time in 1U.

Bread @ Italiannies

We had the Calamari Salad, Salmon Fettucine and a Classic Pizza.
I was so busy snapping pictures of my Hot Chocolate and the bread that I'd totally forgotten about the entrées. But to think of it, it was all caused by the fact that Italiannies charges RM2 for a glass of water! I mean, if I had gotten my water, I wouldn't be snapping pictures of it. But I got the Hot Chocolate with a very pretty layer of whipped cream decorated with chocolate syrup on top.

Hot Chocolate @ Italiannies

The meal wasn't THAT satisfying this time around. I would've enjoyed the salad a little more if my eagle eyes (Oh, love the irony; seeing as I'm blind as a bat) hadn't caught sight of granules of what I think could be food seasoning.

All the while I was snapping away, I kept bugging Vel to move unwanted items out of my frame; like her glass, plate, elbow and her entire body. But of course, the following photo wasn't fixed.

Hot Chocolate-Couple @ Italiannies

This one is though. I gave him ample time to pose.

Hot Chocolate-Edwin @ Italiannies

The only entrée I managed to snap (after being reminded by Vel) is this. Classic Pizza. Didn't taste very good and quite frankly, so not worth it. Now we know not to order this lah. The pastry is even thinner than Jusco Selection's Frozen Pizza and topped with minced meat, pizza sauce, scarce amounts of assorted toppings and a thin layer of cheese SOMEWHERE. Simply, it looked like they slapped a layer of minced meat with tomato sauce on the pastry :)

Classic Pizza @ Italiannies

We talked about a bunch of stuff; from most things Manchester to blogs.
Guo Zhang said he wouldn't really want to read something longer than 3 paragraphs so he scans through the text for anything interesting. Boobies. So naturally, I was concerned. I do have entries that are long and winding and to top it off, some or most of them don't have pictures.

Well, most of the time, I try to make the read as enjoyable as possible with the occasional rants and emo posts. I try to insert pictures in posts that are 100% text but if I can't find anything relevant in the stash, I try to draw it. Butt crack. This explains the one, two ugly stickmen drawing you've seen this month. I'm not so keen on using clip-arts or pictures that aren't mine (I used to but I'm more reluctant now) because I think it loses the "touch".

I colourize certain text in 100%-text posts because I thought the lack of pictures might've been boring and the text might've blinded you with its big shiny words. Ass cheek. Then I asked him if me doing that helped with his reading at all and he said that it was so Lala... or was it something to the meaning of bimbotic? I forget.

I totally agree with Zhang. It is somewhat bimbotic and long paragraphs can turn someone off.
I'll try to cut down on rainbow colours okay *chuckle chuckle*
Hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants. More pictures for you guys (if I can help it)! But it'll take a few extra seconds to load lor.

Also, Zhang will be leaving for UTM (Johor) on the 28th of June... Goo-bye Mr. Zhang. I will miss you. Don't get robbed.


-Littlenicky- said...

beef pepperoni there is nice. how ling u ppl stayed there at MV? didnt play game ar?

-Littlenicky- said...


cheahwey said...

Bowling, snooker ah? I think it's a waste of time and money if I didn't have business there but stayed to play money-wasting-games anyway...

_VeL_ said...

will u seriously miss him? lol

anyway, the food seriously wasn't that nice la. i think it's worst than the previous time i went. haih. =(

sean said...

i like the colourful text than just plain white.

makes a huge difference

Gzhang said...

It's not to say that people won't read 100%-text posts if they're all in the same font/colour.

I just got into the habit of scanning for important bits that matter, that's all. It's a survival skill cultured from reading Form 5 Sejarah way to much back in the day.

Don't worry about readership. You've got plenty of loyal readers =)

And now I know why Sewjin's suddenly commenting in my blog.....

Thanks for the message. Nice to know that I'll be missed *sniffs*

cheahwey said...

Wayne seemed to like it *chuckle*


I know it's not that they won't, just maybe a bit reluctant lah.

I mean, I share your sentiments but on the other hand I need to jaga my bimbo brother who needs colours to be able to read.

Shemah said...

ooooo.. that hot chocolate looks gooooo-oooddd! I need to get me some of that........

_VeL_ said...

no bo. he didn't really like it. he told me after that.

he said go Tony Roma got better food. and he said he always wanted to bring me there but every time went to another place which paid higher price than there. -.-

next time we go Tony Roma! =)

cheahwey said...

Yes, it is quite good but may need a cup of water to wash it all down. Except, Italiannies charges for water. So that sucked.

I've also wanted to try Tony Roma leh... Tony Roma it is!

-Littlenicky- said...

oi faster go try Tony Roma

i plan to treat fatty a nice meal at somewhere nice ans different on his birthday..

try edi pass up report..


_VeL_ said...

then next date will be at Tony Roma then. =)

we asked u out. y u didn't show up? samore need hwey to pay for ur ticket ar? lol

wayne said wanna bring me there during my birthday also leh. shit. so many ppl go there for birthday! lol

cheahwey said...

Wah, got money to treat him no money to buy movie ticket lah.