Jun 2, 2008

Just a lil bit more...

I went to the bank today and found out how much I actually had in my account. Let's just say, I can buy an entry level DSLR and have, very, very little left. It's not much but it was more than I expected to have. What with the miniscule amount I deposited and all.

With that, I see a foreseeable future of me with a DSLR dangling on my neck and it looks like a Canon 400D :)


And then because of that, I actually let a job go. I would've earned Rm700-900 for 2 weeks worth of work but I don't think I can bare lunch hours, going to the office and leaving the office. It's in Section 14. 10-15 minute walk from a non-mamak. Both directions.

I hate that I start to chill when I see that I'm doing good in something... Like my finals. For example, I found out that I've already passed and gotten a B+. In my exam, when it came to questions I didn't know how to answer, I didn't put as much effort in it as I would've which is a lot. That's an exception for Add Maths. That one, I didn't care for.

Anyhoo, I'm going to get the DSLR not-some-time-soon. Newly installed front gate. Trying to reduce spending for the current month.



Raymond Chan said...

Good luck with that =) 400D is a good choice, I would say, compared to D40 (I think). But from the reviews, the kit lens provided is not up to par, so perhaps if you can get the body and get yourself some lens of your own it would be much better. But I guess you're still waiting, so you never know when the price will drop again =)

jassed said...

Forgo the kit lens if possible. Save up 1600 and take the sigma 17-70. Its a nice lens, I'm saving up for one too.

_VeL_ said...

ya, if u can. u can just get the cam body and buy some other better lens. sigma is a good choice for lens.

so continue saving ya! =)

the price might drop quite fast. sooner. just the matter of time.

tell me when u wanna get one. see if i could help u get cheaper. hehe.

Gzhang said...


I'm sure you're anxious to get it and will get it earlier than expected anyway ;)

zzzz said...

keep saving saving saving..then when price drop..the newer ones also price drop then u feel like better to buy the newer better one and continue saving and waiting for price to drop ..and it goes on and on and on..all bullocks . just buy

hf said...

i would say rather spend more time and money to get the best.. you might need a longer time to wait and save money.. and might cost you more.. but i tell you, it worth.. =)

cheahwey said...

You guys made me get all excited and stuff :)

If I bought only the body and another lens, what happens to the uv filter, screen protector and etc? How do those work?

Wah, sigma 17-70mm costs manyak manyak oh. Are there any other lenses that are better than 400D's kit lens but doesn't cost as much as that 17-70mm?

We should like... get it together!!

_VeL_ said...

u still can get the filter for ur lens size. and screen protector is for ur camera screen. so, it doesn't matter.

tripod not necessary, unless u gonna take some very pro pics. lol.

have a steady hands then can dy! =)

17-70mm expensive kah? not so sure bout tat lor. got other lens which is much better than kit's lens lor. depends how much is ur budget.

sigma atleast is cheaper than ori canon lens. right?

cheahwey said...

I did some checking on the prices online and the E.g. sigma 17-70mm goes for about 1.8k.

Have you seen any sigma lenses in the shop that are not in that price range? Perhaps, lower?

jassed said...

There's few choices here:

Siggy 17-70 was about 1.3k at shashinki
Tammy 17-50 2.8 was around 1.3k as well
Then there's the almost do it all Tammy 18-200 for 1.4k

Something like a 18-200 would be perfect for most normal stuff. The tammy 17-50 has a constant 2.8 maximum aperture which is perfect for low light. And my favorite siggy 1770 has macro capabilities.

But basically these are the decent lenses you could get under 1.5k. I havent seen any good ones below the 1k mark. Even 2nd hands sells around 1.2 to 1.3.

cheahwey said...

Ahh, this is gonna suck.

_VeL_ said...

btw, u have to buy it quick. if not, the model might discontinue, then u can't find it anymore. then, have to consider another model. so save! haha.

cheahwey said...

Buy what quick? Is there a specific model you're talking about?

Raymond Chan said...

I think VeL meant the camera. After a quick check, I doubt the 400D will discontinue for years to come.

Still, there's no rush is there? Cameras are of abundant, money is not. So choose wisely.

Regarding the filters/screen protectors/etc, those ones are unnecessary too. You really only need a camera + battery and a card to start shooting anyway. The rest can be bought online or elsewhere.

I haven't got myself a filter or tripod, but that hasn't stopped me from taking photos right? Bought a couple of screen protector from ebay, about USD6 with shipping. Nezt on my list to buy is a tripod =)

Regarding the lens, I'm not sure what Canon has to offer, but do consider 50mm as your first lens too. It definitely restricts you, but it still is a great starter lens. And cheap too. Less than RM500, I believe? Got my 50mm for RM350.

cheahwey said...

Ok :)

Jasonmumbles said...

So many comments, my suggestion is that you save at least RM2.5k or better still RM3k, then we look at the various options. :P