Jun 18, 2008

I smell like old people

I accompanied Gramma to the clinic yesterday (and today) for the first time. Lots of people... old people.
The Old tend to smell "funny", I have no idea why. I just hope I don't smell like that when I'm old.

I feel like the life has been drained out of me. I'm starting to feel old.

I mean, what is this thing about young adults nowadays; that at 21, they feel old?
I wonder if this is being studied...

Also, if you ever need some form of motivation to succeed in life, go ahead and drive along Jalan Bukit Tinggi.
I was motivated to do something in the near future that will help me grow my money and help create a better future.

Just the other day I was looking at tee shirt designs and I thought, "I could do this."
Even if I'm lazy most of the time. It might work. Then I thought, I should probably get a tablet if I want to do this. It's not like a tablet's a bad investment anyway.

And something random:
Did you know an anchovy without a head has less cholesterol than an anchovy with a head?


lesbo said...

woo tablets.. what you want is an a4 size tablets then onli feel ok...but it aint gonna be cheap..my small mini tablet is useless...

or u can make your own tablet..reaal cool..when i have cash ill make.. less than 100 also can

and did u know that an anchovy without the tail has less cholesterol than one with a tail? DUH!! rite lol less anchovy less cholesterol la..but i see what u mean..ahaha dun la pms

-Littlenicky- said...

who mau makan anchovies with head?? eewww

cheahwey said...

How to make own tablet? That needs some serious "mad skillz" wei.