Jun 4, 2008

I shouldn't be sleeping

... look at the self-discovery.


I found this tee and really want to buy it. It's $29 * Rm 3.23 = Rm 93.67
Sigh, I don't think I should pay this much for a one-liner tee.
Even shipping within the US is $4. That's more expensive than registered mail.

I couldn't sleep; all I did was toss and turn and thought about how sleeping was a waste of time. An example of when you'd most likely think of it is when you're 17. SPM is looming and you have not even begun studying. You map out your schedule and find that "sleeping" takes up too many hours in your day. You decide to reduce your hours to "just" a few hours instead of the usual, 8 a day.

I'm going to do this, I quote, "fucked up", "job" with Lesbo. Technically, I'm working for him. It's so fucked up that I don't even want to tell you what it is :)

Let's hope I'll become more productive.

Kate Beckinsale and her cute little British accent is hot.

I am terrified of horror flicks. I read the synopsis to "Vacancy" and watched a few snuff clips and totally pulled out from watching the movie even if it got positive reviews.


hyperX said...

Hey, I think the tees are worth the money. You get such price of tees if you buy branded stuff like esprit and etc.

Raymond Chan said...

Don't be crazy, save the $100 for a filter or something like that.

Wait till you come to Australia, earn your own money or something then it'll be cheap. Exchange rate is almost 1:1 anyway.

cheahwey said...

Yeah but those tees arent branded wor...

Hahaha, look at you... all protective of the money that can be spent on photo gear instead of lousy apparel.