Jun 19, 2008

I am a woman and I do not cook

I used to say "I hate cooking" mainly because I adopted the idea that I didn't have to belong in the kitchen; because my father seemed to be hard selling the idea of cooking and not to mention, household chores, to me when my brother didn't even lift a finger. I thought it wasn't fair.

But now, I find myself looking at recipes and looking for stuff to make. I find myself indulging in more girly activities. One thing still hasn't changed though: I don't like "cooking". As in, woks with a combination of oil and heat. I prefer pots and pans, boiling and simmering. I don't even fry my bacon. I don't like to fry my veggies either... They go well enough with dressing instead of being all limp and dead.

I like making stuff instead of cooking, if you get what I mean.
Making = Popiah, Sandwiches, Pita Bread Pockets and etc.
Cooking = Fried Veggies, Fried Chicken, Crabs with Marmite and etc.

Just last week, Mum and I went to a garage sale and bought an electric grill. I may have some sort of BBQ thing or an activity with friends some day. Like the one Vel and I did on Valentine's Day.

I was thinking of making something similar to *coughpracticallyiscough* Monterey Chicken.
Chicken fillet, Parmesan cheese, bacon, canned tomatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, dash of chopped basil, mashed potato and an unidentified gravy for them.

Monterey chikin
Looking back, I think this is a horrible picture.

While looking for this horrendous picture, I read some of my older posts and boy, was it funny.
Check out this post where I blog about fasting with Nicole for her first-Saturday-of-every-month fasting ritual, also featuring Sean and his balls.
This other one's not as funny but got a tad more funnier towards the middle. It's about my dinner at Chilli's with Nicole, Cathy and Deng.

Have a good read..


-Littlenicky- said...

fatty now everyday eat stew (look more like ABC soup but with very little water)

and he's slimmer now!!!

cheahwey said...

Umm, good for him?

-Littlenicky- said...

dun taste nice ma so asking u now, got any nice boiling and simmering recipes?