Jun 15, 2008

[Help] Techies, attention please

  • My wireless connection disconnects every now and then hours and hours later (I don't know if my use of words was accurate enough to describe this time frame), ever since I updated my BIOS. The update was downloaded from HP's webbie to fix a battery problem.
  • Turning the Wireless switch (physical switch ah... not GUI switch) on and off doesn't fix it. Diagnostics say that the Wireless switch isn't turned on when it already is. Restarting the computer works but I really don't want to do that all the time since I might lose my sessions in FF.
  • I can't rollback the driver. It's an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Adapter. Already up-to-date.
How can I fix it? Press me if you need more details.
Boy, I can't wait for FF3.


jassed said...

should let the hp techs check it out. any other users out there having the same problem?

AdrianC said...

messing up a bios update is the last thing you wanna do. give a call to hp support. pretty sure they can help you :)

_VeL_ said...

ya, wayne is working for hp now. he said their after-sales-service is very good. go give them a call if no one can help u here.

Lesbo dumb said...

Silly dilly look wat you did now. Haha if you call hp, they WILL and CAN help you. They are voted the best customer service in malaysia. That's if they know what the hell you're talking about. Why ? You need internet meh? Lol dun come online also, blogging only what.or your laptop hates you. Or wifi receives spoil, which means you'll have to buy my external one! Haha if its not under warranty any more la. Or could be router resetting itself all the time, i get that alot. Or hammer the bitch, should scare it abit.Im bull shitting half the time. But can definitely be driver, latest doesn't mean best.

cheahwey said...

I know newest isn't always better but I wanted to fix the battery shit ma.. every time raining suddenly black out my laptop also die together until I resurrect it. Annoying leh.

And I also know HP customer service is best but like Lesbian said, I don't even know if I know how to explain to them what the problem is lor.

I've just managed to get some results in google... haha, I didn't have a good enough keyword earlier that's why couldn't find shit.

Await my good news! If not, my cry for help.

lesbo said...

heloo ... stop calling me lesbian! im lesbo.. even tho lesbian has a better meaning cause lesbo just means a gay faggot.. which i am not! so lesbian it is!

hmm lets do the balancing shit... shitty battery over disconnecting internet!... i think u're more frustrated now compared to when your house blacks out which is almost NEVER.. haha

Quote "but like lesbian said"

whooaaa.. like im someone with limitless knowledge!.. i am the coolest!..

hmm i think im overdosing on sarcastic comedy series...MARVELOUS!!!

which reminds me.. Marvel comics adapted movie the icredible hulk is like the bomb! equals iron man! marvel rox!!!

anyway...gluck with wifi crisis!