Jun 16, 2008

Community Project #1: The Baby

This community project is part of my new found initiative for this blog to be community-driven *ceh wah*; to include my readers' (herein known as the "Community") *chun anot? I typed one whole Sales & Purchase Agreement for my Mum and learnt a sentence or two about the Language of Law* opinions in the outcome of certain topics and decisions, if they're actually two different things.

With the aid of Nuffnang's Smart Poll (which won't be used this time around) and the commenting system on this blog, the Community's opinions on these topics (important or otherwise) will be collected for research purposes and/or reflected in a discussion.

All right, boys and girls! The baby project is relatively simple; nothing too heavy like "Rising Expenses and Stagnant Wages".

After discovering that shipping junk from the US of A to the Malaysia-Boleh wouldn't cost THAT much after all (varies according to weight), I've finally roped in the brother in US to help me buy stuff and send them home!

It feels as though a life long dream has just been fulfilled; almost to the point of semi-euphoria most likely caused by the dormancy of not buying myself something. Le sigh.

I've been hunting for a pair of sneakers this whole afternoon and probably the many months before and finally found something that I like. Of course, the one that I really like is gosh darn expensive when you total all expenses. I found a cheaper bunch from Amazon though. Another option is to have the Bro buy one from a store but he'll have to survey first so that'll take some time.

Your role here is pivotal. What I'm going to do is lay them footware out for you and you pick which one you like best. Simple? Ready? Okay! *ala cheerleader* *jumps around waving poms poms*

Black Neon Blue Red Zappos

Black Neon Blue Red CCS

Black Yellow Zappos

Black Yellow CCS

Gray Black Argyle

Light Blue Black

Lemon Black

Black Flame Blue

Go on and leave a comment and tell me which you like most!


Little Raymond said...

Honestly? None. What can I say about the sneakers.. it's like a combination of a retro and a hip-hopish look. Ugly. Save your RM200 and buy yourself something more useful (eg. camera accessories).

You're welcome.

sean said...

oh yeah...why not a DSLR.

lesbianism rocks! said...

O-M-G onli Harry Potter would wear such hideous footwear! but Aaron Sim bought one.. depends on ur taste rite.. dun bother caring wat other ppl thinks .

Simple.. I say GRAY BLACK ARGYLE will be best choice logically la( and what the hell! its cheap too!). imagine wearing blue jeans ( and u do wear jeans ONLY!) with black and yellow shoes!must match colour la. so ugly! You will look like a fashion disaster with colour issues. or LIGHT BLUE BLACK also ok

You might as well buy a RM 40 bucks North Star shoes that has the same design. buy some colour dye or SPRAY cans! and start colouring. design your own! fun and fashionable..

or buy sketchers la..! not to say they're that much more expensive also and they look waaaaay better....now sale..go buy la.

..lol.. u gonna buy online ah? sudah sot? never try the shoe can simply guess whether comfortable meh?

Dun let what i say cloud your judgment.. i'm only stating facts..heh heh bet u wished u never put up this post...lol now u having second thoughts.. awwwww

eh tom bring me return the chunk of paper! can can can!? :D

lesbo said...

oh by the way , why would u put BLACK NEON BLUE RED up? its like wearing UNO STACKO on your feet. Only wear that if your feet has down syndrome!

sorry.. comedy series getting to me.. you obviously have weird taste in shoe.. hahaha.. i say buy whichever u think is best lah.. not like we look at your shoes..

if u feel insulted by anything i said.. golly.. im sooo sorry.. NOT.
maybe a lil bit ..ahahaha but u curse like a pirate! so much! in your head la..lol dun think i dun know...

better yet.. save the cash.. take me out to lunch..it'd be more practical.hahah since u're so into practicality ..

cheahwey said...

What I like about them is the designs lor. So colourful and quaint!! I like that it looks different than the usual sneakers. I'm quirky wan lor.. apparently no one realized...

Although, I know the quality won't stray too far from North Star shoes. Few months then so-long-chee-bai.

Hahaha, funny anot?

I think I'm being haunted and taunted by my eagerness and desperation to buy something for myself. HOW???
It's like.. withdrawal... or something. Aiyo, hungry liao.

I think I needed people to help me snap out of it. While preparing the photos and looking at the designs was fun (and enticing), I suppose it's still just a process I had to go through before I really decided if I should buy something. Because I tend to have impulse buying. Admittedly, not often.

I know I've lost the argument for shoes, but hor, clothes can ah?

Appreciate your honesty, thank you for dousing me with cold water. I'm drenched :)
Oh btw, I can't comment on your posts because the Reply/Quote button won't open a text box for me lar. Might just be my browser settings though. But I can't figure out what's wrong because I haven't changed anything.

Alamak, I forgot about matching shirts and shoes...
Okay lah. North Star it is. I'll wear that bloody brand forever. Cheap cheap. Every few months buy again. Maximum one year six times. Minimum one year 4 times.

Gzhang said...

No. Please no. Such shoes may be quirky but they are,nevertheless, ridiculous looking. If you're going to buy something with its design, you might as well go with the shoes. The clothes are wayyyyyyy too......unique to be worn for many occasions.

Cheap does not necessarily mean great.

Little Raymond said...

Looks like your first community project has been abandoned. Regarding the problem of commenting in my post, I realise that the latest post's "allow comments" was unchecked. Fixed it now =)

Have a good day!

cheahwey said...

I wonder how long this gestation period is going to be before I churn out another baby...

-Littlenicky- said...

malay-lala shoes... EEEWWW.

u'll get a lot of these shoes at sungai wang.. no need buy online lol i think 40 bucks can get one pair edi lor..

_VeL_ said...

honestly, i don't really like these designs. the colors are nice but ya, not my cup of mee. lol

and it looks like more a guy shoe rather than for girls. you are totally a girl. so go get some feminine type la. even just a nice sandals will do. =)

follow me one day we go shopping ok? don't buy these online.

cheahwey said...

HAVE YOU SEEN THE WOMEN'S SHOES?! Absolutely, fugly.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Hwey: You're a man.

-Yeang Shin- said...

OMG! these shoes are everywhere in US. kinda cheap too. But hwey, i do think they look nice! especially the black yellow one. my friend has one. he looks cool in it. oh wait...his a guy. hehe...anyway, they are nice. sadly msia cost that much. Converse is nice too. I'm so in love with mine! hehe...