Jun 11, 2008

Being sickly rocks. Or not.


Sleep, sleep, sleep all day.

The medication Doc prescribed (for me allergy) has made me do nothing productive but sleep all day. It's this drug called "Starts-with-P-ends-with-oid" and Antihistamines. An hour after consuming the antihistamines, I'll start to fall asleep. And then I wake up and it's time for a meal and then take my medication. Then an hour later, I fall asleep again. If not, I'll be real still and stone. Oh, and grumpy.

In fact, no guarantees that I won't just fall asleep now and leave you hanging. Popped a pill about 30 minutes ago.


So, while you guys are slaving away at work or bored out of your minds at home, I'll be sleeping and thinking of you :)


lesbo said...

lol.. doctor gave u drug called period..

lesbian said...

opss my bad.. din read properly..ends with oid not iod heh

-Littlenicky- said...

HAHAHAHA i sleep almost 12 hours a day..

cheahwey said...

Hahaaha, good joke, good joke. Like that also can.

What do you do in the other 12 hours?

_VeL_ said...

aiyo, u also nothing to do wan lar. just sleep lar. no one will kacau u pun. lol

-Littlenicky- said...

do nothing. either watch tv or online.

*what i do when online?
Basically, stare at the screen with my msn signed in.


super lifeless

Jasonmumbles said...


Isn't this near the old house? Like a row before?

cheahwey said...

Yeah, one of those bungalows probably.

Frances said...

Sweet dreams. Feel better.
And I like your drawing.
Found you on BlogExplosion.

*Ynot said...

find someone to sleep with!

then it wont be boring anymore


cheahwey said...

Thanks, Frances :)

I actually want a puppy... Can help ah?

*Ynot said...

help as in make puppies with u? can can hahahaha jk

how could i help?

cheahwey said...

Ma low... I feel like I'm still stuck in high school la.

*Ynot said...

Ma high, me too yo