Jun 7, 2008

Another first.. Weeee

I have a rash! It's my first, if not, second, rash, ever!
No wonder I kept scratching and 2 minutes later, started looking for mosquito bites and couldn't find any.

They're on my palms.

Palm Rash
I would've used red but it couldn't be used *shrugs*

And if I scratch hard enough, it would've spread to the back of my thumb.



_VeL_ said...

what u did to ur palms till got rashes? and u sound so excited that u have rashes wor. lol

cheahwey said...

Yeah, exciting at first, painful in the end.

It's still not gone yet. Two flare ups today...

-Littlenicky- said...


hahah... so now u know how your sister feels haha