Jun 8, 2008

And I go on and on about my hand

The rash has elevated into hand rash and maybe feet too... I can't tell. I just know my feet itches.

UPDATE: It's definitely a rash on my feet. Fo' shizzle. They look like boils... or grilled cheese.

Hand Rash

Observation shows that topical medication isn't suitable for rashes and me because it serves as an excuse for me to start scratching... or in this case, rubbing... which felt SO GOOD.


_VeL_ said...

wah liao..so rash ar..lol

seriously, put in hot water could help. it won't really make ur hand more itch wan. when my cheeks itch a lil, i use tissue wet with hot water and put on my cheek. could helps a lil.

go pharmacy and ask for medic lar. u wanna have ur whole body with rash is it? have cure it immediately lar.

Gzhang said...

This is just me but whenever I get such serious bouts of rashes, I go to the doctor. You're obviously not getting any better so why don't you give that a try?

Of course, this is just me.

cheahwey said...

I know la.. I just wanted to see if it'll go away by itself. Besides, we're loaded with anti itch medications at home because of Deng's eczema. I won't wait until it gets super serious to see a doc. Which so happens to be Andrew's pap. Neh, the fella who used to always hang out with Sam Chan in F5.

Hot water does help. My hand feels better already :)

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You see!?!? People keep telling me not to scratch. And I tell them all the time that it's hard not to scratch. And they go on saying, 'Just don't scratch la.'

jassed said...

geez...the last time i scratch me rashes they spread to the entire body and the doctor had to jab a syringe at my butt.

lesbo said...

itch is all in the mind..sit and concentrate..erase the itch from your mind and it shall be gone..erase the temptation no matter how good it feels...hahahaha kesian u.. but i'm in pain when ever i move my fingers sooo kesian me too.. i dunno why ppl get rash....soo weird.. i tot onli babies get those haha.. maybe your mind not mature enuff lah... pinch your thigh as hard as possible...can distract you from the itch...hahaha have fun

-Littlenicky- said...

looks a bit like small pox to me lol

-Littlenicky- said...

for goodness sake women, it wont go away by itself wan lah!!

Rashes, most commonly caused by bacteria and fungus. They're sprouting and growing, living good life and having fun INSIDE you..

get rid of those spots lah haiyo!

when u scratch, mmg feel better for a SHORT period of time only, after that? scratch again...
Later your hand scratch until bengkak how? I kena b4 and its not fun

Later kena face then i'll surely wish you merry christmas gong xi fa cai!

cheahwey said...

I've seen the doctor... HALLELUJAH.