Jun 28, 2008

Aah, rejuvenated I am.

So potong ah; I messed with the video quality setting on my cell and forgot to change it back! Now all my videos are crap and I was thinking of editing a video with all that footage.

Age of Glory Actors

Well, I sudah balik from the Age of Glory dinner in Cheow Yang dan saya sangat happy. I even became a cam whore. Triple GASPS. Like who knew right?! I can hear Vel scolding me all the way from Kajang.


Anyhoo, I probably haven't officially announced this but I've decided to go for a Nikon D40 (YL Cameras currently has the best price; Rm1600)! Tiny, not too canggih, within budget and just right for my applications. I'm even more motivated to get it now that taking pictures with my cell takes about 8 seconds from autofocus to snapping to preview. Who would wait for you? And also all the boys had really cool cameras and god damn, I want one of my own.

Steve Yap
Le sigh...

More great news to share; Sammi Cheng will have another concert in Genting on the 26th & 27th of September, Avril Lavigne might come/(Mum claims) is coming for a concert in late August or early September.

I'm going broke in 2 months. So, my beloved debtors, please, return my moolah soon, I'm going to need it.

Now, I need to go to KDU to deal with some Diploma crap. Tomorrow.

Ps. Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow.
Pps. I don't think I can write with alcohol in my system.


Raymond Chan said...

It's going for AUD$598 (with the kit lens) at the moment in Harvey Norman. heh. Just so you know.

jassed said...

Now I'm ever convinced to get optically stabilized lenses, great for shooting under the influence of alcohol. Hehe, just kidding. Decided getting the Sigma 17-70 macro soon.

cheahwey said...

I can get VR lenses for the D40 wan right?

_VeL_ said...

"I can hear Vel scolding me all the way from Kajang."

what makes u think that i will scold u har?

anyway, so ur going to both concerts ar? so richie meh? always yao sao hou han at home. lol

cheahwey said...

Because when you want to take pictures of me I don't look at you?

I would want to go to both concerts...

jassed said...

It seems like doesn't come with a VR kit lens. if you had to buy it separately its around 700 bucks lah... i don't know if it could be cheaper or not. if thats the case then i suggest you to get the d60 kit instead.

cheahwey said...

I suppose I'll just stick to the d40 kit lens since I've read from kenrockwell's reviews that it's good enough.

jassed said...

and get yourself a 50mm 1.8 for the sake of having fun. that's 300 bucks apiece i think, and a lens that nobody would regret buying:)

Raymond Chan said...

I'd stick with the 18-55mm (VR or no VR, although I prefer the VR. But then wouldn't it be better with a D60? Need to do lots of research before deciding). 50mm can wait on the D40(x)/D60 since you're still learning.

Try not to get too engrossed with Ken's site. Some stuff can be exaggerated and opinionated.