Jun 6, 2008

12 parts, 1 subject.

Ahh, I've outdone myself.
I've been told I've done this before but this is funny.

Part 1 : On the outside

Name :
Like whatever lah, I'm not that stupid.
To think people would reveal their names so easily to predators hor?

Date of Birth :
A Merdeka Eve baby is me!
And when you think about it, this is also a security liability. You know how many people use birthdates as passwords? One of the common passwords I know is "iloveyou". Mostly used by girls *wink wink*.

Current Status :
Who's asking? Because if you look like Hulk, go away.

Eye Colour :

Hair Colour :
I have chameleon-like hair! Under a roof, I'm black; under the Sun, I'm brown!

Righty or Lefty :
Lefty's are INTELLIGENT.

Zodiac Sign :
Ver-go. Is this even of any significance??

Part 2 : On the Inside

Your Heritage :
Chinese... Teochew nang!

Your Fear :
I'm scared of everything. Happy?!

Your Weakness :
You'll have to beat it outta me!

Part 3 : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up :
I have no thoughts. I shit you not. I automatically, like a machine, move toward the laptop and go to the 3 sites I visit everyday.

Your bedtime :
Around 6.... AM.
Hey! You can't say "NO" to American TV.

Your most missed memory :
Well, I know I don't miss my childhood school experiences cause they sucked.
High school was quite good though.

Part 4 : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke :
Neither. It stains teeth lah.
Oh, the irony.

McD's or Burger King :
Neither. It's expensive and tiny. Not to mention, tiny.

Single or Group Dates :
Uhh, wha'?

Adidas or Nike:
Neither. I don't do sports.
I once asked a guy why boys had to buy soccer shoes when they can just play in normal shoes and he proceeded to lecture me about the differences in soccer shoes and normal shoes.

Lipton Tea or Nestea :
Nestea is sweet. Lipton, not so.
Seeing as I now don't really like to consume anything sweet, I'd pick Lipton.

Chocolate or Vanilla :
McD has totally ruined my thing for Vanilla. Now, when I think of Vanilla, I think of "fat".

Cappuccino or Coffee :
Mocha Praline!

Part 5 : Do You..

Smoke :
No but I dreamt that I was, some nights ago.

Curse :
Always :)

Drink :
Wines and Vodka, please.

Part 6 : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol :
Pelican... the only thing I would drink and afford.

To the mall :
This question is really stupid.

Been on stage :
No stage. Hence, no "been on stage".

Eaten sushi :
Uhh, I forgot.

Dyed your hair :
I'm all au naturel baby!

Part 7 : Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game :
Expose myself that easily? I think not!

Changed who you were to fit in :
No, not really.

Part 8 : Age

You're hoping to be married :
Go die lah... such an archaic question.

Part 9 : In A Guy/Girl

Best Eye colour :
This doesn't matter lah.

Hair colour :
If we're going to learn something from today's materialistic and narcissistic society, what's that going to be? Is that hair colour can change.

Short or long hair :
I'm sorry but F4 totally killed the long hair thing.

Part 10 : What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek.

1 hour ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while entering data.

1 month ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while bumming.

1 year ago :
Thinking about how I was going to scratch that itch on my right ass cheek while thinking "I hate college".

Part 11 : Finish The Sentences

I love :
myself and everything else.

I feel :
hor-nee and eclectic.

I miss :
myself and my hammies.

I need :
myself and some life.

Part 12 : Tag 6 People :

I tag that guy across the street.

List out 5 presents you wish for :

Moolah will do. Save the thinking for another day.


_VeL_ said...

so free hor..
answered those ques = didn't really answer at all. -.-

cheahwey said...

To answer questions without answering it is SKILL.

-Littlenicky- said...

u everyday scratch butt huh? haha

cheahwey said...

I'm scratching hand now... Damn itchy ah!