May 25, 2008

Strawberry Spasticity

Gramma's BP has dropped but still not low enough. If she reaches 120 then she can come home :)

When we were visiting her, my Mum mentioned to Gramma the consequences of not taking meds:
One day, Mum's Uncle was playing Mahjong with Mum's Siblings. Suddenly, Mum's Uncle fell face first onto the Mahjong table. Mum's Sibling said, "Wei, don't fool around lah..." See see, Mum's Uncle passed out because his BP was freakishly high. A (conventional) Blood Pressure Metre's (aka Sphygmomanometer) limit is 260. At the hospital, the Doctor took Mum's Uncle's BP and the mercury inside reach its peak. Yes, people. His BP exceeded 260. Amazing.

Anyway, I came home to yummy STRAWBERRIES from TTDI pasar malam!!1!!one!
(First stall opens as early as 3pm on Sundays!)

Semi Strawberry Bonanza

Strawberry Perspective 2

I can't believe my Dad stopped my Mum from buying a second box.
*shakes fist*

Gramma had a spasm when she ate the Strawberry. So cute!


Cathy C said...

I want the strawberry!!!!!!make my saliva dripping only.

_VeL_ said...

sai ng sai ar..take the picture till the strawberry like damn yummy lor. -.-"

next time buy more and share with us lar. sharing is caring mar. =)

cheahwey said...

"sai ng sai ar..take the picture till the strawberry like damn yummy lor. -.-" "

That's because I'm a rockstar.

Rockstar \m/

-Yeang Shin- said...

i wanna go psr mlm!!!

sean said...

wah..macam mana u take photo begitu cantik

cheahwey said...

Tonight got pasar malam in Chow Yang!! I'm getting TAU FOO FAH!!! Buahahahahhahhaa

Again, that's because I'm a ROCKSTAR.
I'm going to dedicate a post to you.