May 3, 2008

OMG, I have plans!

I'm going to Sg. Wang tomorrow for the Age of Glory roadshow! A bit unusual for me since I actually hate huge crowds *My God, I swear last year's Good Charlotte concert almost killed me*. And trust me, I am, by no means, a LaLa in any way. I wouldn't have had the event there if I could've helped it. Sadly, I couldn't. The drama's about the history of Sungai Wang ma, takkan have the promo in 1U meh??

Remember... 2pm, Concourse!
It'll be fun! I hope.

I just wished I had a better camera. I can't possibly use the N73 for an event like this...
What with a sea of heads to avoid, not to mention my height gives me no advantage. Bah.
I would love to bring the DV Cam... Although I will need to scavenge through a bunch of crap for it.

Le sigh. I have a new job coming in next week but I've had nothing to do these few days that I feel like a slob.

Oh well, more power to me... I have something to do this afternoon!


-Littlenicky- said...

about sungai wang meh? but they say nan yuan wor.. not kam ho also...

anyway i saw the part whre MR Fong was discussing bout developing genting with uncle lim haha... damn funny lah

cheahwey said...

Sg Wang used to be Nan Yuan lah.

jassed said...

Or more exact, sg wang was built on the land that was previously part of nan yuan a.k.a BB Park. Seeya 2mr! I'll spare ya a point and shoot. hehe.

cheahwey said...

DUDE! I did not see you at all today... Where were you??