May 27, 2008

No work makes me a bum

My right eye hurts. It's like a little pimple grew on my eyelid and I'm constantly blinking on it. Now it's slightly swollen. But you can't tell because my eyes are narrow.
I wonder how I got it. Maybe I watched Deng bathe one too many times :)

I turned down a job offer and possibly killed my many other job opportunities that would've came from that company. I feel stupid. I'm moving on.

Anyway, June is a great month for me. Movies galore! Romantic Comedies are coming! Forgetting Sarah Marshall would be a good one. Made of Honour on the other hand is your typical romantic comedy where guy and girl finally picks up on that love, dangled right in front of them all these while. It's going to be so predictable that you might just go, "Aw hell, not again".

I'm going to play Mahjong now.

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