May 3, 2008

Le sigh. He's such a beautiful man

I can't believe I did not take even ONE picture today. But it was great seeing them again. All the leng chais and leng luis were particularly leng chai and leng lui.

Highlight of the day (that I remember of) was when Debbie aka Rose Chan pinched our used-to-be-Propsman-then-became-Production-Coordinator's cheek when she was saying goodbye. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the stairs.

Yum cha and talked about shit... then had dinner and talked about shit. But it's all useful tips lah of course. We work so hard takkan when we senang want to talk crap right...

Debbie's HANDSOME PA was here too..
It dawned on me how sad it is that I'll probably get to see him with my own eyes for the last time in the many years to come.

I don't think that's really his best angle lah but leng chai all the same.


-Littlenicky- said...

mosaic face edi how to see wor -.-

sean said...

like that also leng chai ah

Gzhang said...

I thought your leng chai is the one on the right? Or is it Mosaic Face?

cheahwey said...

It's on the right lah xiao cha boh.
Mosaic already then see what...

Sean, you have never been in the presence of that pretty man. And please lah, that's the only photo I have of him and it's not even the best one.
Ask Deng to verify his leng chai-ness lah, I'm sure she'll agree.

Trust your gut... Don't listen to Nicole.
We should start a campaign. Spread the word!

*Ynot said...

i think i more handsome